5 Breakfast foods for a Healthy Gut.

Breakfast foods

There are some simple foods that should be in your diet to ensure a healthy digestive tract. The digestive systems play a vital role in health, According to research, 80% of human beings’ illnesses are related to digestion. In this article, we will tell the 5 best foods for a healthy gut.

However, if your digestive system is good then your health would be fine. There are many factors that affect digestion like diet, fitness and sleep cycle, and many more things.

We are living in the life of the runaway race nowadays, the sleepless night and stress affect our health and digestive system.

You often try to adopt a fancy diet and practice various tips in search to keep your stomach, gut, and intestine up and running. Although all this unnecessary food affects your health and makes you ill.

According to the experts, the first meal of the day should be healthy and nutritious. There are some foods and fruits than can enhance your digestive system.

Here are the 5 breakfast foods for a healthy gut.


apple help in digestion

Apple is rich in fibers, vitamins, potassium, and minerals, and provides antioxidants.

Fibers help in digestion and help to tackle constipation.

It main the digestive system and overall health.


cucumber help in digestion

Cucumber is widely used in salad, Cucumber is a summer vegetable that contains an enzyme called Erepsin which improves digestion.

The amazing effect of cucumber that is, it provides relief in acidity, gastritis, and peptic ulcers


papaya help in digestion

Nutritionist says, the first meal of the day is very important when you take a good breakfast, it provides energy for the whole day and papaya is the best food to start your day, therefore it is very helpful for your gut.

Moreover, papaya helps to boost your digestive functions.

Papaya contains a digestive enzyme called papain which is very helpful for the digestive system to digest food easily.

Honey-Lemon water

honey help to boost the digestion

The combination of both honey and lemon with water boosts the digestive system and immunity.

Having honey lemon water with an empty stomach can help to boost your metabolism and help in weight loss.



help in digestive system

Banana is known for its digestion.

However, Banana is rich in fibers due to this it is helpful for bowel movement. Banana provides energy throughout the day and makes you full.

A single banana should be added to your breakfast.

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